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Marlies about Golf

When you go on vacation, you want everything to be well taken care of. A fantastic location, a golf course that suits your level and fine places to visit or to dine. I, Marlies, understand that like no other. That is why I have been to every location and seen all the golf courses. From start to finish, I take care of every golf trip down to the last detail, so you go on vacation relaxed.

To stay up to date on fun hotspots, new restaurants and other details, I work with local agents. This way I can provide you with up-to-date tips that will make your golf vacation even more fun.

Travel information from Golf & country travel

Booking airline tickets

I am happy to book airline tickets for you with the various airlines. In consultation I will also reserve your seat preference, for example if you want extra legroom or like to sit in the front of the plane. For booking airline tickets and extra services I charge € 20 per person.


The flight times listed in the travel documents are subject to change. This is because airlines have the right to deviate from published times and routes. No refunds are possible on flights booked by me. If you are delayed and/or luggage arrives late, you can contact the respective airline for any compensation claims. Costs incurred for an extended stay must be paid by yourself. Refunds/claims can be filed with the airline or insurance company. Golf & Country Travel makes every effort to assist you on site and afterwards, but accepts no liability in this regard.

air passenger rights

Since February 2004, there has been a law within the European Union governing your rights as an airline passenger. This regulation protects the passenger in case of delayed, rebooked, canceled or overbooked flights and determines what compensation should be given. Regulation 261/2004 applies to all flights departing from the European Union and all flights arriving in an EU country and operated by a European airline. Click here for more information.

Transport Golf Bag

Every airline has its own rates when it comes to the extra cost of carrying a golf bag. For example, Emirates allows golf bags to travel free of charge, KLM requires Flying Blue membership and Transavia now charges a fixed rate of €70 per golf bag (up to 15 kg). Payment is made at the same time as buying the plane ticket. Other airlines have different rates, I am happy to inform you about the correct surcharge per airline.

Rental car

Golf & Country Travel has partnered with Sunny Cars, an experienced car rental specialist for the vacation market. At more than 4,000 vacation destinations in over 46 vacation countries, Sunny Cars offers a wide choice of rental cars. At popular destinations, we sometimes work with multiple partners to offer the best choice. Sunny Cars offers an all inclusive car rental package in which the following costs are included in the price: unlimited mileage, W.A. insurance, additional W.A. insurance with coverage of €1.6 million in those countries where we do not consider the legal coverage amount sufficient, C.D.W. insurance (damage to the rental car), T.P. insurance (theft), local taxes and airport drop-off fees. In addition, in popular destinations, the rental price includes an additional driver, free delivery to accommodation and one-way rentals. The added value of Sunny Cars is its comprehensive service. To inform you correctly and completely, you will receive an information sheet before departure with the most important points from the local rental contract. So you know in advance exactly what you are signing for.

Marlies nelissen

Over 200 golf courses of experience.

For more than 30 years I have been working in the travel industry. From procurement to aviation, I have seen and experienced everything. But besides traveling, golf is also a huge passion, so how wonderful is it to combine that and organize golf trips?

And so that's exactly what I've been doing with Golf & Country Travel since 2001. Every golf course Golf & Travel Country offers, I have seen for myself and played on most of them. And whether you play golf among the rice fields in Vietnam or on a beautiful forest course in the Netherlands, every location has its own charm.

Besides the better known golf courses, I also know how to find the hidden gems, which often have a different price tag. This makes it possible to find a suitable match not only for every level, but also for every budget. Certainly with a little creativity and perseverance, you get what you envision. You won't hear me say 'can't' or 'can't be done'.

From start to finish, I take care of the golf trips and am there for my clients. Even upon your return, I think it's important to talk a little more and hear your experience. Only when you are satisfied, so am I!

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From flights to arranging a rental car, I will take everything off your hands if desired.
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Super nice that you want to book a trip! You can do this by contacting me. You can do this by filling out the contact form, mail to or call 06-14592148.

Of course. I'd love to hear your wishes, then I'll make an appropriate offer.

Absolutely! I work with Sunny Cars, an experienced specialist in car rental for the vacation market. In popular destinations, we sometimes work with multiple partners to provide the best choice. Read here more about Sunny Cars.

You can. In cooperation with European Insurance, you can get travel insurance, insurance for your golf equipment and/or cancellation insurance through me.

Is your question not listed here? Or would you like advice on booking a golf trip? Please feel free to contact me, I am happy to help. You can reach me by calling 06-14592148, emailing me at or by filling out the contact form.

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